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Do you have Dry Skin this Winter?

We aim to end the silent suffering of skin conditions. Read our article for advice on skin dryness this cold season.

Allergy UK Launches Nationwide Allergy Events

Allergy UK has launched our new event 'Meet the Experts'. This is your chance to meet an allergy specialist - coming to a venue near you!

Don’t let food intolerances spoil your Christmas!

Hosting Christmas this year? We provide our top tips to cater for those with a food intolerance.

MPs Join Parliamentary Group to Support Allergy Sufferers

Allergy UK attends the NASG (National Allergy Strategy Group) reception at the House of Commons.

Working with Prescribed Formula Manufacturers

We have been asked by some of our followers on twitter why we work with prescribed formula manufacturers for the dietary management of severe cow’s milk allergy.