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Seal of Approval FAQs

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What is the Seal of Approval?

Allergy UK's Seal of Approval provides members of the public with guidance when purchasing products. Allergy UK has a very high public profile and the media are extremely supportive of our efforts to assist allergy sufferers. The Seal of Approval is a commercial arrangement between Allergy Research Limited (the trading company of our charity "The British Allergy Foundation" with the operational name of "Allergy UK") and your company.

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What are the benefits of having the Seal of Approval?

The logo is instantly recognisable and gives a clear indication that the product, (which has been tested to a protocol, developed by scientists and allergy specialists), has received the endorsement for reduction/removal in the allergens shown or has significantly reduced allergen content.

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Can I use the Seal of Approval on marketing material?

Yes, once your product is under licence you will be entitled to use the logo on your product packaging, marketing materials and all media activities. We will also place your product on our product endorsement pages, your products will also be individually promoted on our e-newsletter being sent out to over 42,000 allergy sufferers.

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How much does it cost?

It depends whether testing has already been carried out and we can review test reports/data or a test is required, what type of product it is and which allergens are to be tested. A bespoke quotation will be provided to you by the commercial team at Allergy UK.

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How do I apply?

A completed application form is required to start the process; this can be obtained from the commercial team at Allergy UK. A terms of testing or reviewing agreement and invoice will then be issued, which should be signed and returned, together with full payment before the test/review can commence.

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How long does the application process take?

A test application depends on the product but generally takes around six weeks from the confirmed commencement of testing. A review application takes approximately four weeks from the confirmed commencement of review.

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If we are successful what happens next?

When the test/review is completed you will receive a copy of the scientific report with the recommendation on whether the Seal of Approval has been awarded. If the product has been successful, a licence agreement will be issued for your signature. The certificate of the award and brand guidelines will be sent once the signed licence agreement has been returned.

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What happens if we fail?

The commercial team at Allergy UK will work with you to find a solution for you to get your product endorsed.

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How do we pay?

You can either pay by cheque or bank transfer (BACS).

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Can we use our own in house laboratory for testing/reviewing?

If you have your product tested by a lab other than us, then please ensure the report contains full scientific data, (including the methodology used) full results of each test, conclusions and is signed by the scientist and details of when and where the test was conducted (the scientific reports must be in English). The protocol standard used by Allergy UK is confidential but can be discussed once a signed confidentiality agreement is in place.

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Is the Seal of Approval valid for the lifetime of the product?

Yes, although the product must not have been modified in any way, since the endorsement. The licence agreement is annually renewable at a cost.

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What if I improve my product, will we have to pay for another licence?

Not necessarily, you may need to pay for a retest of that product, depending on the changes you have made and the performance testing carried out to prove increased efficiency. If the changes affect the mechanics/fabrication of the product a new application would be required.

For more details contact Leigh George - leigh@allergyuk.org

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