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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is renowned for romantic gestures and fun first dates but for some it can be a lot more worrying than just experiencing a few nervous butterflies.

Upcoming dinner date?

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, a first dinner date can be a bit daunting. You may feel slightly apprehensive about discussing your health issues in public in front of a new love interest but don’t be embarrassed. Make sure you alert your waiter of any dietary needs.

Under the food allergy labelling regulations, all catering outlets must be able to provide allergen information on request. The restaurant should be able to advise you on a suitable meal before you even arrive which will put your mind at rest before the date itself.

Something different…

If eating out on your first date is just a little bit too nerve-wracking, try a different activity. There are so many fun things to do these days, instead of a romantic meal why not do something different? You can visit the cinema or maybe go for a wintery walk around your local park.

The first kiss…

If things go well you may have to prepare for that all-important kiss. Don’t be scared to be upfront with your date as they would much rather keep you safe than risk any further dates. Make sure you know what they have been eating that day before you lean in for the big moment. Cross-contamination is a real issue for those with severe allergies. It doesn’t just affect cutlery and cooking equipment – hands, clothes and anything you may share could hold traces of allergens. It might be a little bit of a mood killer but it is better than taking your new admirer to A&E after an unexpected allergic reaction.

Gifts for your loved one…

Buying a Valentine’s gift for someone with allergies? Don’t be afraid of flowers and chocolates! There are lots of products on the market suited for allergy sufferers.

Safe sex…

It may be a bit embarrassing to discuss but sex is a hot topic on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you keep safe and take precautions, especially at the beginning of a new relationship. It’s also useful to know that latex free condoms are available should your partner suffer with a latex allergy as this type of allergy can lead to a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Need more advice?

If you have any worries or concerns about eating out, cross-contamination or latex allergy give our helpline a ring on 01322 619898 or read the fact sheets on our website. It might be a good idea to direct your date to some of these useful web pages so they can understand how to help you on your date.


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