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Preventing Mould in Teething Toys

A story went viral last week as a mother found mould inside popular babies’ teething toy.

Mould is an allergic trigger for asthma, hay fever and eczema. Babies and children are vulnerable to this particular trigger from both the inside (home) and external environment (school/childcare). Mould is not always obvious and visible to the naked eye.

Toys that frequently come into contact with water are at risk of becoming contaminated with mould as mould thrives in warm and moist environments. Holly Shaw, Nurse Advisor at Allergy UK, recommends the following tips for preventing mould from developing inside toys: 

  • Inspect toys regularly for signs of mould – washing toys with hot soapy water on a regular basis may help - try to avoid submerging the toys in water fully, in case of small holes which could let in excess water and cause internal mould
  • Allowing toys to dry thoroughly before being packed and stored away, and ensure good air circulation to prevent damp
  • Mould may sometimes be visible, but in some toys it may appear inside an area that appears to be sealed – you may want to consider this when looking to buy toys for your child
  • Toys that draw water inside them or that have a soft/spongy coating are more likely to develop mould inside. Replace these toys with alternatives as soon as you find mould.

If you have found mould inside any of your child’s toys, we recommend to replace them immediately. For more information on mould allergens, read our factsheet online, or call the Allergy UK Helpline on 01322 619 898.


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