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Awareness Weeks

Allergy UK runs a series of annual awareness weeks to draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer. These weeks highlight the issues faced by those with allergies, and are designed to get people talking about allergy at key times throughout the year.

During awareness weeks, Allergy UK encourages everyone to get involved to show their support! Fundraising events take place throughout the weeks. Through Allergy UK’s helpline 01322 619898 and website, people are able to receive individual advice and download fact sheets on all aspects of allergy.

Allergy Awareness Week 2015:

20th - 26th April 2015

Living In Fear

For Allergy Awareness Week 2015, we focussed on the severe end of allergy. We released new statistics which showed a worrying lack of awareness in the UK and also the real impact that severe allergies are having on the lives of those suffering. Read the full story here.

We also shared the story of one of our fab case studies, Penny. Watch her full playlist here.

We also produced an infographic which encompassed the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis as well as information about what to do if you spot these symptoms.

Thank you to everyone who took part in supporting the campaign. It really was a huge success with millions of people reached!

Download the poster


Allergy Awareness Week 2016:

25th April - 1st May