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Tanya Wright Recipes

A birthday party for an allergic child needn't be a safety nightmare. Follow Tanya Wright, specialist dietitian, as she cooks party food which is free from dairy, egg, soya, nuts, wheat and gluten. Best of all Tanya will show you how to make a superb chocolate cake complete with icing and just perfect for those birthday candles.

Following an interview where Tanya shares her own experiences of how she had to learn to manage her her own severe allergies she then went on to demonstrate how to cook 7 simple 'Free From' recipes.

Tanya Wright BSc (Hons), MSc (Allergy) is a specialist registered dietitian at Amersham Hospital, Buckinghamshire.

Click on the images below to watch the videos and each recipe is available to download as a pdf file.

An Interview with Tanya Wright (08:43)

Tanya discusses her own severe allergies and how she has learned to adapt her lifestyle to accomodate them. As a specialist dietitian she now helps other people with allergies and Intolerances to get control of their condition.

Banana Muffins (08:41)

Tanya shows us how to make some tasty banana muffins which are free from dairy, egg, and soya which could also easily be adapted to be gluten and wheat free.

Download Banana Muffins Recipe

Bruschetta (06:42)

Tanya shows us an extremely simple starter that can be wheat, gluten, egg, milk, and soya free.

Download Bruschetta Recipe

Chocolate Cake (14:12)

Here Tanya shows us a wonderful chocolate cake that is free from dairy, egg, soya, wheat and gluten. This is a perfect birthday cake for an allergic child so that they don't feel they are missing out.

Download Chocolate Cake Recipe

Crispy Chicken Goujans (13:23)

These tasty chicken goujans are simple and quick and can easily be free from dairy, egg, soya, wheat and gluten. Tanya also then shows us a very easy minty dip to accompany them.

Download Crispy Chicken Goujans Recipe

Date Squares (07:01)

Tanya describes these delicious date squares as the simplest. easiest and tastiest recipe you can do. Its free from dairy, egg and soya and is also free from gluten for those that can tolerate oats.

Download Date Squares Recipe

Potato Wedges (03:36)

This simple dish is great with a salad or with a dip as a snack. They are free from dairy, egg, soya, wheat and gluten.

Download Potato Wedges Recipe

Raisin & Oatmeal Cookies (07:11)

Tanya shows us some delicious raisin and oatmeal cookies which are free from wheat, gluten, soya, milk and eggs. They make the perfect kids snack.

Download Raisin Cookies Recipe