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Allergy Aware Service

The Allergy Aware Service is to help and advise you regarding places to stay or services to use, which may be more suitable as they have made significant efforts, either in the products they use or the environment provided. i.e. a hotel may use endorsed anti allergy bedding, vacuum cleaner, chemical free cleaning products and provide complimentary soaps which are suitable for sensitive skin.

Whilst we cannot 100% guarantee these services, we have advised them on the various steps required to provide a service which is less likely to affect someone suffering from allergy, asthma, intolerance or sensitivities.

The services we work with have made an effort in reducing the exposure to allergens in different ways, please check the details of each service to see how they may be of benefit, as some may not be as suitable as others, depending on the severity of your allergy, asthma, intolerance or sensitivities.